Starwood International Airport, The Largest Futuristic Airport in the US

The year is 2140. Airport congestion in the United States has reached an all time high. The two main airports in Texas, DFW and George Bush Intercontinental (Houston) have reached their maximum operating capacity. Large amounts of cargo sits at the airports waiting with no plane for them to take off with. Businesses are getting angry as deliveries are delayed or cancelled. Customers are angry because prices have gone way up and are demanding lower prices. The economic impact is costing the Texas economy $150 billion dollars annually. Something must be done to fix this problem. Introducing the Starwood International Airport, the largest airport ever conceived and constructed in the United States.

The cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio have all come to a joint agreement to help construct the Starwood International Airport. All major airports in Texas have been well over capacity for decades and the expansions have gone as far as they can go. Airport flying in Texas has gone to a new low with customers, to the point where several fights and riots have had to be stopped by police.

The state of Texas is also part of the agreement. They know it’s in their best interest to build this airport right and are willing to fork over billions of dollars. In fact, there was a voter referendum for the airport and it had passed with 62% approval.

The situation got so bad at the airport that there were celebrities starting fundraising campaigns where anyone in the world could donate to the project, but also had guarantees of refunds if the project was not successful.

After this was gaining national attention, the U.S. Congress was pressured from every political party to provide funding to authorize the construction. After some debate in the House and Senate, they were able to pass legislation for massive amounts of funding for construction. The President of the United States signed the bill into law do construction could begin.

On July 8th, 2140, construction began on the largest, most expensive airport in the United States. A huge groundbreaking ceremony was held, with over 100,000 attendees coming from all over the country. Massive portable grandstands were built to fit everyone in the space. The President of the United States spoke at the event, as well as leaders from Congress, Texas, and Starwood. Throughout the ceremony loud applauses broke out as citizens were releasing decades of stress of nothing being done. At the end of the ceremony, all leaders were given construction hats and shovels. In unison they all made the first shovel of the project, signaling its official start with the loudest applause of the night.

The next day, real construction began as the construction vehicles and workers began pouring onto the site. Several contractors won parts of the project, and extra funding was passed so construction would continue 24/7/365 as much as possible. The construction was scheduled to last for 10 years, much to public dismay, but knew it was ultimately necessary.

Construction continued forward for the next 10 years. The first part of the project, entirely paid for by the city of Starwood, was the underground city portion. A massive transportation hub was built below the main terminal where all transportation lines meet and people can transfer or go to and from the airport as necessary. Below and surrounding the hub was more apartments, restaurants, and retail. All of the restaurants and retail are available to airport passengers who have passed through security.

Once the construction got to 10 stories away from the surface, construction directly underneath the terminal began for cargo and luggage tunnels. Massive high speed lines for luggage were constructed, ensuring that baggage claim and transfers would move quickly. Upon opening, it was the most efficient baggage transport of any airport in the world.

Cargo tunnels were constructed underneath the separate cargo terminal. These tunnels move cargo (such as packages) between different cargo airlines and the loading docks for tractor trailers.

Tunnels directly under and beside the runways were also constructed. These tunnels are used for emergencies, such as any potential fire that breaks out, police for arrests, EMS to transport to the hospital, evacuating passengers back to the terminal without walking on the tarmac, etc. Upon completion it was considered the most safest airport in the world.

Once underground construction was completed, the above ground construction commenced, starting with the main terminal. The main terminal upon completion was over 3 million square feet, by far the largest terminal in the world. 500 gates were constructed, built to offer direct flights to every city in North America as well as many direct overseas international flights. The maximum operating capacity of the airport is 400 million passengers a year.

Once the main terminal was complete, construction for the runways began. 15 non intersecting runways were constructed, by far easily a world record. Each runway was 17,500 feet long, easily the longest runway length in the United States. It was built to be prepared for any type of commercial plane to land on any runway at any time. 10 of these runways are dedicated to passenger travel, and the other 5 are dedicated for cargo planes, however both could handle the other if needed.

Starwood International Airport opened to the public on August 25th, 2150 at 12 pm Central Standard Time. The final cost of the airport was $250 billion dollars. The combined number of employees on opening day was 150,000, which set a record for any airport in the world.

Brian Cole

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