About Us

Transportation of Tomorrow (ToT) was started in December 2017 by Brian Cole (me). ToT was founded on my fascination of mass transit, originally with bullet trains (high speed rail), followed by other forms of transportation. Transportation is a huge problem in the United States and around the world, and the infrastructure supporting it is crumbling. Traffic bottlenecks exist in just about every city out there, and I share my ideas on how to build a long-lasting network of highways, freight rail lines, passenger rail lines, subways, airports, buses and more.

ToT has higher goals than just fixing our nation’s infrastructure and our transportation networks. It’s about innovation and growing our economy. Another goal is build up a network with large capacity and can be counted on during emergencies. The idea is to be able to transport goods, people, emergency response, and more in short periods of time. Hurricane Harvey was a major influence for me to eventually start this website. For example, the traffic bottleneck on Interstate 45 for people attempting to flee Houston in wake of the hurricane was very difficult to watch. Many people were stranded and had no choice but to ride out the storm. And some lost their lives because our infrastructure didn’t have the capacity to handle crisis events such as this one.

One of the primary examples used for our crippling nation’s infrastructure is the Interstate 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, which killed 13 and injured 145 people. The interstate was closed for over a year where normally 140,000 vehicles travel a day. The traffic bottleneck caused from the bridge collapsed was enormous. Freight trucks had a much harder time travelling through Minneapolis, and commuters had their commute times increased significantly. Examples like these are why I started this website.

Another exciting purpose of this website is to showcase what could be (in my opinion, should be) the future transportation networks of the United States and the world. There are a lot of transportation types that do not exist here in the States, and these types should exist to help transport people and goods. Using bullet trains to connect metropolitan areas in conjunction with subways is an excellent start to fixing this problem. Widening highways, roads, changing traffic patterns, and building new roads also goes significantly further. Self driving cars are becoming a reality and we need to adapt our transportation networks to handle them.

And finally, the last goal I want to accomplish is to show the opportunity we have with rebuilding our transportation networks to jump start our nation relying more on green forms of power. I’m not a traditional environmentalist, but I do recognize the need for our country (and other places around the world) to expand our network to build massive networks of solar panels, windmills, hydroelectricity, wave generators, and more. Our country does not have an infinite amount of natural resources such as oil and coal. We will need other sources of power eventually to keep our country going for the long haul. It would be a huge opportunity missed if we rebuild our nation’s infrastructure without doing this.

When someday I will no longer be alive in this world, I want to leave this country in great hands for our children and grandchildren, in a similar way our grandparents and forefathers left us today. What they have built for us is now severely broken and in need of repair and replacement. And I will do all that I can in my lifetime to help fix our country’s problems and the problems of the world.